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How to Choose a Perfect Lingerie for Your Body Type

Buy a perfect lingerie hk for different body types from Perfect Shop. Explore our collection of lingeries for everyday use and for special moments.

A beautiful lingerie hk should have that feels-like-butter touch and hot lace accents. Though, there is more to this undergarment than design and fabric. Whether you need it for night or day use, Lingerie Hong Kong should not compromise with your comfort. If you wear the wrong type of lingerie, it will look awkward. You don’t need to worry about finding the right lingerie hk for your body type.

1.The Right Cut

If you have a feeling that you are not picking the right size, you should double-check. There is a possibility that you are choosing the wrong type of lingerie hk for your body. Keep in mind that women’s bodies are different, even if they have the same band, cup, and bottom size. Shapes and sizes can be confusing to choose a lingerie unless you know your right size. You should find the right size lingerie Hong Kong for your body type.

The Hourglass Figure

The hourglass figure is a balanced body type having an equal shoulders-to-hips ratio and a smaller waistline. Basically, this body type looks good in any type of lingerie hk. Matching corsets, sets, teddies, and garter belts look stunning on such types. It is easier to emphasize your slim waist. Moreover, bodysuits are also a great choice due to the gradual curves.

The Athletic

It is a body type having a rectangular shape with an almost non-existent waist. Those having the athletic body type should buy lingerie hk that adds curves like the corset. Underwear having long straps will add to the beauty, especially if you are wearing a long torso. Wearing bustier and cleavage-enhancing push-up bras will be a great choice for creating plumper breasts. Explore our lingerie Hong Kong collection for the athletic body type.

Round Torsos

If you have a body type defined by a rounder bust of hips, you have all the curves that can be enhanced by lingerie Hong Kong. You can create a balanced look with a gown that will draw attention to your bust and hide the waist and surrounding area. Lingerie hk gowns and playsuits will also help in extending the upper torso for balancing the top and the bottom.


Women having small busts and narrow shoulders and wide hips have a pear-shaped body. A push-up bra or a corset can add a bit of volume to your breasts for creating a balanced look. However, deep plunging necklines can draw attention to the chest as well. Bandeaus, and a matching set of undergarments, and a bra with some ruffles can help create a level between the upper and lower parts of the body. Buy the best lingerie Hong Kong for a pear-shaped body.


Women having a slim body and shorter frame are known as petite. Lingerie hk with plunging necklines and high cuts extends the body and gives an impression of longer legs. Teddies having this cut will look great on petite body shapes. Find the perfect collection of lingerie Hong Kong for petite body types.

2.Highlight Your Assets

It is not always necessary for women to go by their body frames. Sometimes it is good to focus on an area of the body to highlight or because they may need more support.


Rounded full chests need all the support and a little bit of fashion. Bandeaus and cute bras will leverage the curves. It will create a balance by wearing high-waist underwear or ones having thicker bands that hug that waist. It will highlight the chest. Lingerie Hong Kong can be perfect for highlighting busty body types.

Thicker Bottom

There are women who have plumper booty, and wearing underwear can be tricky for them. A thong or G-string can be helpful to highlight the body curves. To get more coverage, you should go for panties having boy shorts or a high waist. The bra will depend on the shape of the breasts. Get the best lingerie Hong Kong for thicker bottom body types.

Solving mysteries about lingerie hk is not about focusing on how it looks, and it is about highlighting the body parts well. However, some women focus on the designs without knowing their body types. Investing in lingerie hk and benefiting from it is all about how it will sit on your body. You’ll gain more confidence by wearing lingerie Hong Kong that fits your body type.


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